Cristina Ramos

Wedding, Portrait & Corporate Photographer

 Capturing you with authentic, meaningful, and emotional imagery 

Wedding, Portrait & Corporate Photographer

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For a moment, time stands still: a look, a whisper, a laugh, connection is alive in front of the lens and magic occurs, that moment is captured, and kept alive forever in an image.
My job is to cultivate and document those moments; Reflect what is already within my models and give them a warm place to be who they are. 

photo romantique de couple qui se regarde
seance photo couple engagement rennes 2

What to expect from a photo shoot in Rennes / Saint Malo & Nantes ?

A photo shoot in Rennes, Saint Malo, and Nantes is the ideal experience to immortalize love, friendship and life in the most beautiful way.
At the same time, it is a great opportunity to create stories with images next to some of the most beautiful monuments in the world. 


Photography are our tangible memories turned eternal in still images. Thanks to them we can keep a more vivid memory of the meaningful moments of our lives.

I develop my work from the understanding of what my images mean to a person in the context of a lifetime.


Want to please your friends or your family?
Give an original and amazing gift that will endure a lifetime!


Hi! I am Cristina

I am a dreamer, and a nomad at heart.

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Hola! That’s me, happily available to shoot you from 1988 😉

Welcome! My name is Cristina Ramos and during the last 12 years I have had the opportunity to tell the story of hundreds of couples across Sweden, France, Greece and Spain, where I have lived and worked as a full time wedding, lifestyle and press photographer. Im extremely grateful to have my passion as my job. My love for narrating though photography is a living thing. 

Hola! Here I am,  available to shoot you from 1988 😉

Love notes from my couples 

plus belle photo de mariage

“Where do I even begin !? Cristina is such amazing photographer!! We travelled from the Netherlands for our wedding. From the beginning she looked like reading our minds and knowing exactly what we wanted. The communication was perfect at every moment before the wedding also. During the wedding she was patient, funny and felt more like a friend than a photographer. The images are truly amazing and we feel really lucky she was there to capture our wedding!
-Kerstan & Katherine

photo de mariage originale et amusante se marier sur la plage

“Cristina made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera even though we were not used, and like we’d known her for longer.  She was like a friend during our day and was the best vendor we worked with by far actually. Really easy going, fun, dynamic, lively and charming with our guests. Neither of us is comfortable in front of the camera, and she made us feel so relaxed!. Our pictures of the wedding are amazing from the first till the last and so natural! We are both so happy with our choice!!”Also, all our friends were amazed with our wedding pictures.¨
-Cindy and Yan

photo de mariage originale et amusante se marier sur la plage
seance photo mariage rennes

¨Cristina took our elopement pictures in 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden.
She is very creative, and passion driven with what she does, we felt from the first conversation that she understood exactly what we liked and wanted for our wedding day and made it way better that what we thought.
During the day is very professional, friendly and helpful with the shooting and planning. We were beyond amazed with the result of the pictures, her work was just a piece of art, and thanks to her we can relive those beautiful moments still today.¨
-Serena & John

couple de mariage étreignant dans leur session de réception de mariage

“We had high expectations but still we could not believe how amazing were our pictures!. Cristina is endlessly talented and our photos of the wedding are absolutely gorgeous. Her work speaks by itself I do not think it needs decorative words! During our wedding we also really enjoyed having her by our side the whole day! she was like a friend and for the posing and all, it felt super comfortable! you do not really need to actually pose most of the time but she tells you to move or talk with your husband or just wander around and she takes pictures that you could not even imagine in the moment were gonna turn like that. Then when you see them are sooo beautiful!! We researched a lot on wedding photography and wedding photographers and we could not have chosen a better one. We think that every time we see our wedding photos”.

couple de mariage étreignant dans leur session de réception de mariage

I also travel!

DESTINATION WEDDING photographer & destination elopement photographer

Wedding in Stockholm’s country side. Couple’s portrait session.

Maybe you have a dream destination where to get married and want the photographer you like to follow you. Or maybe you want that hometown wedding in France, Spain, Sweden Greece or anywhere in Europe, and you just need the photographer you like to come to you and communicate efficiently in english, french swedish and spanish.  with you and your guests. Both scenarios are my thing. I love traveling anywhere, everywhere.

Whether it’s in a big city capital, a small tiny village in the mountains, a sunbaked rooftop in Santorini, in the magical lights of New York City or in a cute vineyard in Italy, I got you. If your ideal wedding takes place in a spot that you’ve always dreamed of, I’m THERE.



A photo session is a unique experience to live and enjoy oneself, as a couple, in family, etc while creating beautiful memories with your  loved one/s. The photo shootings in Rennes range from 45 to 90 min.
All the sessions include a private gallery with access to download all the files in high resolution (allowing printing at any size)

Kind words from photo shoots in Rennes, France


Fine Art

I believe in the camera as a tool not limited to capture reality, but also as as a way to move closer to the inner self and capture imagination.



Photographie de voyage. gens / rues & aventure en plein air

Commercial content for your campaigns that inspire adventure and the outdoor lifestyle. As an outdoor adventure photographer, I am here to dedicate my passion to promoting emerging travel destinations, experiences and relevant brands that I feel aligned with. 

Corporate / Events
Branding & content

Creating for brands and corporations high quality visual for their communication strategies and marketing purposes

Do you have a wedding project in Rennes or feel like having a photo shoot in couple or family? Is it corporate photography or visual travel content? Will be a pleasure to talk about creating something unique for you and/or your loved ones