Cristina Ramos

How I work
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Once you have chosen your package, you can simply get in touch and I will get you back in a maximum of 48 hours. Then, we will  go together via email or telephone through the shooting planning. We will decide the locations, the style and you can let me know as well any special wish or specific information you may want me to know. 
All the photoshoots are for everyone wether with or without experience in photo shooting. 


I aim for naturalness at every moment. Spontaneity is a key ingredient and I run away from posey photos, no matter if its an individual session or a couple, family, etc..
During the shooting you will hear me suggest you moving actions where lots of nice and spontaneous poses will be naturally created. I will be guiding you and giving you also posing ideas to enhance your gestuality and take out the best of you, but always trying to cpature you naturally.
When it comes to couple shoots, 
I aim for intimate photography and images that really capture connexion. Usually you interact with each other most of the session to reflect those sights, smiles, laughter, etc that come out naturally. 
I usually take a larger number of pictures than the one that comes with the package chosen. I like to have to have a wide variety from where to select the best. I prefer excess than lack. It is always the safest to provide the best possible.

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When it comes to lighting outdoors, I go all the way with natural light as  it is the most beautiful resource we have for photography. Being outdoors let us aswell, unlike using a simple plain backdrop at studio, play with the infinite effects, perspectives and colors given by the endless background possibilities and the natural light. For me, nothing beats the magnificent tone of the golden hour. 
Mastering natural lighting requires accurate knowledge on how light behaves in every type of weather condition and hour of the day, in how it impacts in the model taking in account as well the bouncing surroundings from the surfaces around the model.  It is my job to master it and find the most flattering light to create the most beautiful portait in every spot we shoot at.
When it comes to indoors, If the lighting condition is poor, I will usually make use of external lighting/flash. This happens in some homes, hotels, churches, etc. 


About the duration of the session, I am not really on the clock, the sessions last according to your package of choice but it may last a bit more or less depending on the amount of people on the location, weather or lighting conditions. This extra time is free and included in the pack.  Also, throughout the shooting, if you have your own ideas of photos you always imagined for yourself, please do not be shy to propose them to me, I am always open.

How I edit my photos

While the photos must be excellent already in the raw file in camera, the editing, grading and final look of my images is an essential aspect of my work too. My work starts before the shooting, during the shooting, and equally important, after the shooting, with the selection and the edition. I treat my images mostly in Lightroom and occasionally in Photoshop depending on the requirement of the image. 

As for the editing style, I like to imbue to my work a cinematic aesthetic in my post-processing. I am not a fan of how the industry is often divided between “dark & moody” and “light & airy”- I prefer raw, timeless photography that doesn’t fit in one box. I don’t  lean into any trends so your photos look dated in 10 years. 
I do not apply any standard filters, and while keeping a cohesion between all the collection, I edit my photos one by one treating each one individually focusing towards the feeling to be conveyed, the atmosphere,  and the cinematic look I like to give to my images. 
I do not smooth the skin with any blur actions that can be found in any editing app on the smartphones. I run away from plastic skin feel. I aim for naturalness.
I do occasionally erase certain unwanted aspects (scar, marks…) according to your expectations, but skin pixel level work is not applied here.
*Two little notes: I do not deliver raw photos, and I do  not do photo montage on the photo shoots unless is for a personalized fine art piece.
Here you can see a sample of before and afters.

Slide the divider left and right to see the before and after

Slide the divider left and right to see the before and after

For more info about how I work, I also invite you to explore the frequently asked questions section.

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