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You will find here and answers to frequently asked questions by my clients. If you do not find answer to your questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Will be a pleasure to talk to answer any question you may have! 

couple marié posant à l'aise devant la caméra

Wedding's couple session in Gamla Stan, Old town, Stockholm, Sweden.


Do you work just in Rennes or in other cities too?

Yes! While I cover most of my photo shoots in Brittany area, France, for the weddings I do both in France, and other places. Traveling remains one of my favourite parts of my job.

Whether you are getting married in France, Spain or abroad, I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email so I can hear all about you and your wedding plans!

Ay ay ay we are a bit shy!

It is absolutely normal to feel before the shooting that we will not be able to pose naturally or we will be nervous in front of the camera if it is the first time. But that sensation of stiffness will be vanishing during the first  minutes. It is always like that. It is not about knowing how to make fancy poses..not even to pose at all it is much easier than you think!I promise

How would you describe your style?

When it comes to the shooting, I run away from posey photos and antinatural poses. Spontaneity is a key ingredient and I have my little tricks to get spontaneous and natural poses even if you feel a bit stiff. As for the couple shoots, I aim for intimate photography and images that really capture connexion. Usually you interact with each other most of the session. I will be giving you ideas and as well, suggest you moving actions from which lots of spontaneous poses come out. But rather than posing to me, you will be enjoying yourselves. 
I imbue to my work a cinematic aesthetic in my post-processing.
I am not a fan of how the industry is often divided between “dark & moody” and “light & airy”– I prefer raw, timeless photography that doesn’t fit in one box. I don’t  lean into any trends so your photos look dated in 10 years. 
*Two little notes: I do not deliver raw photos, and I do  not do photo montage on the photo shoots unless is for a personalised fine art piece. 

What languages do you speak?

I speak fluent english, french, spanish and swedish

photographe mariage jardin saint georges rennes

Wedding's couple session in Palais Saint Georges, Rennes.

When It is best to book for weddings?

Many couples book me more than one year in advance. But there are also some spontaneous requests.  But yes, the earlier you get in touch, the better the chances to find your date free. 

Do you make contract?

Of course, we sign a contract where we specify the package, the hours, the number of photos, the delivery times, the way of payment, etc

How do we book a shooting or a wedding?

It’s quite easy! First, fill out the form on the contact page. Once you submit the form, I’ll contact you within 24 hours, to go together through the date and time of your shooting and wedding and locations and other details may be relevant for your wished type of service.
When you choose your desired package, I will send you a contract outlining everything that your package icludes. A 35 % retainer is due alongside signing the contract so your day gets secured. Click here to get the process started.

Do you do engagement and pre-wedding shoots ?

Sure!, The pre wedding shoot is like a couple’s shoot and the engagement is the same but capturing the moment you pull out the ring as well. 

Whats the difference between a couple session, a pre-wedding and a post-wedding?

The pre-wedding and and the couple’s session are essentially the same in terms of the shooting it self. It is just that the pre wedding is done once engaged before the wedding. The couple’s session can be done anytime. 
As for the post-wedding usually is done after the wedding any time and with the dresses from the wedding. Also called, ” trash the dress” , we profit to combine the elegance of your gowns with cool scenarios and cool shots not caring. so much about the dresses. 

Do you do elopements? And intimate weddings?

Sure!, Click for more info!

Wedding's couple session in Borgö island, Sweden.

mariée avec son robe de mariage dans la nature

Wedding's portrait session, Stockholm, Sweden.

How we do if we want to get a photo shoot for someone else as a gift?

You can purchase directly a gift card here or in under the info&price tab. You will then be able to send the electronic card to your beneficiary or get ir printed and sent at the address of your choice. Once the person gets it, best is to get in touch with me right away to book a date and decide the locations and the time.

What if it rains?

On photo shoots we will have more flexibility and we can postpone de date to a convenient day or do it indoors. For weddings however, unless is the apocalipsis, we will look for the what is the best to do for the couple session and the group pictures segment with family and guests. But on a personal note, rain is not that bad! you can get really creative with umbrellas and a rainy environment make pictures turn out really beautiful!

photographie original de mariage

How many images will we receive?

It depends on the type of service you get and the package!

Do you edit the photos?

Post-processing has a major importance in my workflow, just as important as compositing the picture and handling light on shooting.  I work hard to ensure that every image meets my artistic standard and has my signature look.
 I don’t do however any body transformations(and im sure you do not need no matter how you are:))

Is black/white possible?

Some pictures will be black and white always looking at what is best for each image.

When/how do we get the pictures?

For photo shoots usually within a maximum of a week but if it is an extremely busy period can get a little bit more. The are sent via dropbox both in high resolution without watermark, and in screen resolution with watermark for social media and sharing, as the high resolution are heavy files to handle. The high res are more destined to printing purposes. For weddings, between 1 month and 2 depending on. the volume of work will be the turnaround time to have your private gallery ready with all the high res images. 

Can our wedding guests download the images and buy prints?

Yes, you will be able to share the link with your loved ones giving them access. And yes, your guests and you will be able to download without limit the digital files, and order physical prints. They will have access to this service through the gallery.

Do you offer albums and prints?

I’m a big believer in printing and displaying your images in physical supports. I do offer beautiful linen / ladder albums. In two of the wedding packages is included, Prints and albums extras can be also ordered ” a la carte”. Get in touch to see fully detailed brochure on packages and albums.

seance photo mode homme qui descendre les escaliers

Photo shoot session, Uppsala, Sweden.

You did not find the answer of your question?

 Do not hesitate to get in touch,  will be a pleasure to talk with you!

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