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Professional photographer in Rennes, Saint Malo, Nantes, Paris

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Cristina is a Conceptual Fine Art, Wedding and Portrait photographer from Spain currently based between Rennes, Brittany, France and Spain. She has spent the past decade capturing love and chasing beauty around the globe. She has developed her career as a photographer in Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece, and Spain.  Her work has been featured in publications such as Arte fotográfico, Lookslikefilm, Vogue Italia or She has also exhibited her Fine Art conceptual photography internationally  in Europe and Latin America. Cristina is a visual storyteller with a passion for expressing through light and colour.
And that´ s enough of talking about myself in third person 🙂

Hi! Im Cristina

I am a dreamer, and a nomad at heart.

Welcome to my website and thank you for taking your time to know a little more about me! I’m a Fine Art, and a traveling Wedding, Portrait and Corporate photographer from Spain based between Spain and France. I’m concretely from Zaragoza, land of Goya, cierzo, pilares and ¨chipiarse¨ under the rain.

I’ve always been passionated by visual storytelling and conveying emotion through images. Im moved by the the warmth on a hug of a couple in love, the first look of a couple at their wedding, the way a grandma whispers her grandchild sweet words during a lifestyle family shooting, the illusion of a pregnant couple that is expecting, the connexion between two friends on an incontrollable laughter attack in the middle of a shooting.

Photography are our tangible memories turned eternal in still images. Thanks to them we can keep a more vivid memory of the meaningful moments of our lives.

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My philosophy

To me, naturality is key and spontaneity the magic tool. I run away from posey photos as they ruin authenticity. My aim is to extract all your photographic potential always capturing you as you are, and reflecting those highlights that make you unique.
But I have camera awareness and get shy!’, it’s quite common don’t worry. My job as a photographer goes beyond pressing the shutter button and suggesting poses. It is also to create a proper atmosphere and to give to my models a warm place to my couples to be who they are for spontaneity to emerge. In that sense, I will attend you during the whole process in a very personal way, assisting and solving any question or concern you may have. Usually camera shyness vanishes within the first 5 mins, believe me 😉
I consider myself flexible and friendly, and I try to get to know and understand every client to provide a work quality that matches and exceeds their expectations. Thanks to my job and my philosophy, I have had the chance of meeting wonderful people with whom I still keep a beautiful friendship.

How I got into photography?

   IT All started there ➡️

Just kidding, I remember my clown camera to be one of my fav toys but it did not take very accurate results so I’d just kept painting and drawing till a few years later..
Was at the age of 14 when I fell absolutely in love with photography in a landscape photo exhibition. I started digging in photography online learning platforms and I ended up borderline obsessed with recreating myself those amazing landscapes where to get lost, so I saved every penny for my first bridge camera and devoured all courses I could. Later on I got as well passionated with shooting humans and immersed into portrait and documentary urban and street photography. I was trapped. Every spare minute was to hang out with my camera. By the age of 15 I had realized that was going to be a lifetime serious relationship. 

I’ve always been drawn into visual storytelling, painting, drawing, photography and in a nutshell, conveying emotion through images.
I graduated in Fine Arts at University Complutense of Madrid, where I studied photography 3 years specializing in social documentary photography and portrait in parallel to Fine Art Photography. 

During my Erasmus studies exchange in Greece, I met my partner in crime, Panos, the most beautiful soul on earth, to whom I wanted to dedicate some words in my web and thank for being an unconditional support and an endless source of love. And was also that year of 2010 when I shot my first wedding. Little did I know before that first time that wedding photography would become such a an important part of my life after a friend of mine asked to do her wedding photography. I did it and it hooked me forever.

We moved together to the Uk on 2011, where I assisted a few full day weddings as a second shooter and soon started doing my own ones. I combined this with couple and family shootings while working as well as a landscape and portrait painter for a commissioned artwork company based in London

After Uk, we moved to Sweden where I worked for 6 years as a full time Press photographer for the main newspaper of my town, while running my wedding, lifestyle and corporate photography company. Now, we are based between France and Spain. And I’d like to tell you that I love travelling,  so no matter where your photography project is happening, if you connect with my work, I definitely invite you to reach out. 

Love notes from my couples 

seance photo mariage rennes

¨Cristina took our elopement pictures in 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden.
She is very creative, and passion driven with what she does, we felt from the first conversation that she understood exactly what we liked and wanted for our wedding day and made it way better that what we thought.
During the day is very professional, friendly and helpful with the shooting and planning. We were beyond amazed with the result of the pictures, her work was just a piece of art, and thanks to her we can relive those beautiful moments still today.¨
-Serena & John

couple de mariage étreignant dans leur session de réception de mariage

“We had high expectations but still we could not believe how amazing were our pictures!. Cristina is endlessly talented and our photos of the wedding are absolutely gorgeous. Her work speaks by itself I do not think it needs decorative words! During our wedding we also really enjoyed having her by our side the whole day! she was like a friend and for the posing and all, it felt super comfortable! you do not really need to actually pose most of the time but she tells you to move or talk with your husband or just wander around and she takes pictures that you could not even imagine in the moment were gonna turn like that. Then when you see them are sooo beautiful!! We researched a lot on wedding photography and wedding photographers and we could not have chosen a better one. We think that every time we see our wedding photos”.

couple de mariage étreignant dans leur session de réception de mariage

Kind words from photo shoots in Rennes, France

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Fine Art Photography

I have been a Fine Art conceptual portrait photographer since 2016. I crave so much for good stories that creating them through photography became my purest passion.

Portrait & Lifestyle photography

On parallel to my development as a Fine Art, Portrait and wedding photographer, I started getting fascinated with Lifestyle PhotographyI simply love extracting the extraordinary out of the ordinary, with the beauty in the simplicity. Turning a simple day-life scene in something that convey so much feeling that keeps you absorbed, just by conjugating the right way light, perspective and mood makes my world go round.

Wedding photography

Wedding photographer in France, Europe and beyond

I shot my first wedding in 2010 and I took this gig full time in Sweden in 2015, which was the best thing I could ever do. Wedding photography combines the three key elements I love in photography; a story, room for creativity, and emotion. And all that, happening in a festivity of joy and happiness. What else can you ask for in life as a job?  My love for weddings is a living thing. 

Corporate photography

Was during my 6 years stay in Sweden where I extended my services to corporate photography due to the growing number of inquiries from companies requesting event coverage and corporate photography. I collaborated with multiple private companies and with the public sector documenting the social-cultural events of my town for the main local newspaper. Now, I put my skills at the service of companies’s communication purposes.


2015 & 2017 –  1st prize Creativity category XXII and XXIV L´art de la Llum National Photography Awards, Madrid, Spain.

2014 & 2016 – 2nd prize Creativity cartegory XXI and XXIII L´art de la Llum National Photography Awards, Madrid, Spain.

2013 – XX L´art de la Llum National Photography Competition, Onda City hall. Castellón, Spain.

2013 – 4th prize Certamen de Fotografía. C.M.U. Santa María de Europa, Madrid, Spain

2013 – Canon ‘Tus rincones favoritos’, 1st Prize Individual Photo Category’, Madrid, Spain.

2012 -4th Prize C.M.U Santa María de Europa, Photography Competition Awards, Madrid, Spain.

Proudly using

Vanguard Photo – Vanguard Professional. Brand Ambassador

If you reached here wanting to know something else outside photography, here are some additional details :

  • When im not shooting or glued to the screen editing my life away, my favourite thing to do is painting and drawing.

  • Many chances are as well you find me browsing through Airbnb and Skyskanner in search of  juicy trips. I love hiking on nature, camping and travel photography.

  • I love playing football and tennis but ping-pong is king, and It is been a big part of my life. Here I am ready to smash my friend Yuki. Nah, just kidding, he always wins, there is nothing to do.

  • Since some time ago I am very very hooked on Lindy Hop, a variant of swing dance. My god how much fun this is!!

  • I love singing. Any moment is good. I love dedicating songs to people in whatsapp audios all the time. They love it..haha(actually they can ´t more)

  • I am a fanatic of chess

  • I love mimicking accents of the world and talking with quotes of movies. Oh yes, I love cinema!
  • I can drink my weight in good merengue milk with cinnamon slushes.

  • Bookstores and trapping narratives, Art events and exhibitions are always a good plan.

If you reached here wanting to know something else outside photography, here are some additional details :

  • When im not shooting glued to the screen editing my life away, my favourite thing to do is painting and drawing both in traditional and digital character design (sharing actually the 1st place on my fav things podium with photography).  
  • Sports would go second, and among those, pingpong is king. Here im raffling ready to  smash my friend Yuki. Just kidding, He always wins, there’s nothing to do. 
  • I also love playing futbol and skating, both on my lovely pink penny and roller blades. Workout at the gym or at home is not the funniest but i kind of get addicted by periods.
  • Many chances are aswell you find me browsing through airbnb and skyskanner in search of juicy trips. I love exploring, hiking on nature, camping and travel photography.
  • Singing is very fun too. Serve yourself a laugh or two.
  • Dancing is endless fun, specially lately Lindy Hop, a variant of swing that I discovered a while ago in Sweden not long ago and i got hooked instantly!
  • I love mimiking accents of the world and talking with quotes of movies. 
  • Oh yeah, I love cinema! 
  • I can drink my weight in merengue milk with cinnamon 
  • Bookstores, Art fairs and exhibitions are always a good plan


If you want me to be your wedding photographer in Rennes, or simply do a photoshooting with me, I invite you to reach out clicking in the button or in the contact section. I will be happy to talk with you about creating something unique for your big day.

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