Cristina Ramos


A High-End Portrait photography session in Rennes surrounded by the photogenic and authenticity of the old town with its colourful
architecture and its magnificent  institutional buildings, in the nature- by the water, in the country side, in a beautiful park or in a wild forest- or 
at your home in an intimate session.
City or nature, my mission is to take out the best out your image and bring my creativity into the shooting and post-processing.

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Extracting all the photographic potential out of you.

Professional photography book Rennes

collections portrait shooting in rennes

le petit - 150 €

– 45 min outdoors shooting.

– 1 outfit (advice in choice if needed)

10 High End edited photos in High Resolution.
You choose your 10 favorite images from a collection of a minimum of 20. 
Private gallery online

– Supplementary photo – 10€/photo –


– 1h-1h30 outdoors shooting

– 3 outfits possible(advice in choice if needed)

–  21 High End edited photos in High Resolution.
You choose your 21 favorite images from a collection of a minimum of 35. 
Private gallery online

– Supplementary photo – 10€/photo –

PREMIUM - 490 €

– 2h-2h30 Outdoors shooting

– 6 outfits possible (advice on the choice if needed)

Complete gallery of 50 High End edited photos in High Resolution.
You receive the complete gallery of the session being a minimum of 50 images.
Private gallery online.

If you want to offer an original gift to someone whether for a birthday or a special occasion, I invite you to explore the gift card’s section, it will be a pleasure to make this surprise set!

*Travel costs for portrait sessions are free within a 20km radius of Rennes. Beyond 20km, the rate of 0.40 ct/km applies.


book photo professionnel rennes bretagne


This portrait photography session is for you if:

–You are just a regular person like me and want a photo session and a collection of professional portraits  for your yourself, your personal use and/or social media.  

– It is also for you as an internet personality in search of a photo book or a look book for your social networks.

– Or you as a model, actor / actress, dancer, musician, etc, who wants a photo book for professional / promotional purposes, for an agency, a casting, or yourself.

– Is it as well for you, that have a fashion brand and need a catalogue to display the clothes on your models professionally. 

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Before the shooting, we talk via mail / telephone , and go together through the shooting, the locations, and the style as well as any special wish or specific information you may want me to know.

The choice of clothes is important, It is usually best to avoid extremely extravagant patterns and  to not make the clothing compite on attention with you and the scenario. Unless you have a photographic project on that type of clothing to highlight.

seance photo lifestyle et mode d´ homme elegant


In Rennes we are lucky to count with an extraordinarily photogenic old town.
Its urban scape is the perfect scenario to give to the photos the cinematic aesthetic and atmosphere I look for in every image.
  Rennes is also the perfect place to do multiple of different session approaches from elegant and sophisticated with its monumental buildings, to casual and more lifestyle with its
cool colourful streets. 
However there are plenty other locations more modern such as Beauregard area specific spots such as old factories not in use full of murals and graffiti offering as well awesome aesthetics. 

Another great option is the country side, the lovely green scapes by the river, parks and more wild vegetation areas, and forests. And Rennes is full of these 🙂

And when it comes to intimate sessions or boudoir, I love to discover your interiors, and take the most out of them.


This type of shooting is for everyone wether with or without experience in photo shooting. I run away from extremely forced and over posy photos. I aim for naturalness at every moment.
Fortunately by experience, people who are not familiar with being in front of the lens take about 5 to 7 minutes to loose their camera awareness and feel relax, comfortable and at ease (I promise, It is always like that) 

During the shooting you will see me suggest you moving actions where lots of nice and spontaneous poses will be naturally created. We will combine those more spontaneous with others where I will give you some posing tips to enhance your gestuallity. All of them are based on optimizing your image and the overall composition of the picture. 
In both approaches, I aim for you to be entirely you. Every personality has interesting things to highlight.

shooting pour book photo professionnel rennes bretagne

When it comes to lighting, outdoors I go all the way with natural light being it the beautiful resource we have for photography. Mastering natural lighting requires accurate knowledge on how light behaves in every type of weather condition and hour of the day, in how it impacts in the model regarding lighting and shadowing and it impacts and bounces from the surfaces surrounding the model.  It is my job to master it and find the most flattering light to create the most beautiful portait in every spot we shoot at.

About the duration of the session, I am not really on the clock, the sessions last between 45 and 75 minutes on average. 

Throughout the shooting, if you have your own ideas of photos you always imagined for yourself, please do not be shy to propose them to me, I will love to know about them.

If for complicated weather reasons (huge rain), the session can not be done,  it will be postponed to another day available for both of us.

All the files are sent both in: 
– High resolution format, meant to printing purposes without any limit of copies, support(print, albums, etc) or size.
– Screen resolution format, for screen display..sharing and social media.

The reportages will contain a mix of colour and black and white images.

If you have any question, will be a pleasure to talk with you!

Get in touch! 


While the photos must be excellent already in the raw file in camera, the editing, grading and final look of my images is an essential aspect of my work too. My work starts before the shooting, during the shooting, and equally important, after the shooting, with the selection and the edition. I treat my images both in Lightroom and in Photoshop depending on the requirement of the image. 
I do not apply any standard filters, I edit my photos one by one treating the light by zones towards the feeling to be conveyed, the atmosphere,  and the cinematic look I like to give to the images. 
I do not smooth the skin with any blur actions that can be found in any editing app on the smartphones. I run away from plastic skin feel. I aim for naturalness.
I do occasionally erase certain unwanted aspects (scar, marks…) according to your expectations, but skin pixel level work is not applied here.

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The collection is also available as a GIFT CARD. Click here for more info.
If  you want to offer an original present for a birthday or a special occasion to a loved one, I invite to go through the gift cards section and if you have any questions or need advice, you can get in touch via the contact page. Will be a pleasure to do this together!n

If you like my work, I would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and date availability.

Travel expenses for the portrait sessions are free within a distance of 20km from Rennes. Beyond 20km, applies the rate of 0.40 ct / km.