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Personalized Fine Art

– Personalised Fine Art image –

Create a unique conceptual Fine Art image with your loved one/s

Turning possible the impossible, capturing imagination visually and creating new worlds makes my world go round. Click here to view portfolio
And doing it for particulars is something really rewarding when it comes to seeing their reaction when they get to see a piece made with their loved one as a protagonist. 
I love the enthusiasm when they commission it for a present and they know the person that will receive it will be amazed by the image and the original gift. 
Or when they commission for them selves to print it frame it and have that fantasy idea where they can immerse themselves every time they look at it.

And how it works? 

The process:
 1: We thing about an idea or situation that you would like for the protagonist of the piece. 
2: You send me photos you already have with the appropriate pose, or I give you instructions on how to take it(if you are in Rennes, it is possible me to do the shooting). 
3: Once I have the photos of the protagonist, I layout a draft that I will send you for approval, and once approved, I give you an  estimated delivery time that varies on complexity. And finally, once delivered, the only task left is to enjoy it 🙂

Price starts at 200 euros and varies upon complexity of the idea and the photos to work from(the better quality, the better to work with).
*Files will not be a physical print, file will be sent digitally in Max. Resolution, meaning you can make the prints with no limit of copies and at the size and support of your wish. 
Here you can find samples of previous commissions done for particulars.

*Pictures on the right are wall samples, not the real houses of the commissioner.  

If you want a personalised Fine Art piece, I would love to talk about your project with you!
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