Cristina Ramos


Passionate about taking high quality photos to extraordinary, retouching has always had a major importance in my work as a photographer but also as far as it goes to pure retouch itself, I simply always loved retouching. For this reason, I put my retouching skills at the services of brands, photographers, communication and advertising agencies, models, magazine editorials, etc. 
I approach each image as a project in itself, working hand in hand with the client to reach the communication goal while preserving the character and uniqueness of the photographer’s work.
The goal is to create the perfect image for a particular project with an understanding the media it’s going to be presented on and its target.
In this page, you will find samples of my retouch work. 

In addition, my passion for turning good into extraordinary was one of the factors that brought me to Fine Art conceptual photography, a discipline where I have deeply develop high quality photo compositing / photomontage, services that I do provide as well for creative advertising campaigns.  
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