You will find here and answers to frequently asked questions by my couples. If you do not find answer to your questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Will be a pleasure to talk to answer any question you may have! 

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couple marié posant à l'aise devant la caméra

Wedding's couple session in Gamla Stan, Old town, Stockholm, Sweden.


Before the wedding

Were are you located? Do you travel and do destination weddings?

I am based in Brittany, France, and I work covering the whole country, Europe and beyond. I include in my packages all travel expenses within France and for the couples marrying outside France I only add travel and accommodation on top of the packages. I try to make for them as cost effective as possible to be competent with their city local photographers as I absolutely love destination weddings. Traveling remains one of my favourite parts of my job. 

Typically, I travel 2 days before the day of the wedding, so I can be at the wedding location in plenty of time and to allow for any travel disruptions, and  to scout the place before the day. 

Whether you are getting married at home here in France or abroad, I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email so I can hear all about you and your wedding plans!

Would video be possible?

Yes! While I focus 100% in photography,  a photography-videography combined option  is indeed possible, as I do collaborate with one of the best videographers in France

How would you describe your style?

You can find detailed info on my style and approach here, but in a nutshell, I imbue to my work a cinematic storytelling style. When it comes to the coverage, I do work with a non intrusive photojournalism approach during the major part of the day, and a combination of both spontaneous and more staged pictures during segments like the portrait session.
I am not a fan of how the industry is often divided between “dark & moody” and “light & airy”– I prefer raw, timeless photography that doesn’t fit in one box. I don’t to lean into any trends so your photos look dated in 10 years. 
*Two little notes: I do not deliver raw photos, and I do  not do photo montage nor  sales on the wedding day. And choosing me as your photographer means you like and feel connected with my photography style.

When It is best to book?

Many couples book me more than one year in advance. But there are also some spontaneous requests.  But yes, the earlier you get in touch, the better the chances to find your date free. 

What languages do you speak?

I speak fluent english, french, spanish and swedish

photographe mariage jardin saint georges rennes

Wedding's couple session in Palais Saint Georges, Rennes.

How do we book?

The entire process of booking a date can be done by email, even though, whenever possible, I like to meet in person before the wedding. If not possible,  If not, video-calls work also .
To save a day you need a retainer that is the  35% of the total amount and the signature of the contract. This secures your date that gets closed to any new request. 

Are we meeting several times before the wedding?

Yes, wether we can in person or by skype, I remain available for all my couples during the whole period pre-during and after wedding. As a minimum, we will go firstly together through your wedding project and the different locations where will take part the different segments of they day. We will also go through the first planning of the timeline, and talk more in detail about specific needs and wishes. Then, some days before the wedding, we will go through the last recommendations, ultimate the schedule of the day, and try to dis-stress you and tell you that all will go well! Those are the 2 meetings I like to have at least. But as said, I remain available the entire time. 

Do you do engagement sessions?

Sure!, Check this out out for more info!

Do you do elopements? And intimate weddings?

I love elopements! It is called fugue amoureuse in french and  I deeply enjoy working in this context where we are more free on schedule, by our own, and able to do whatever we want!. I have actually been witness for some of my eloping couples in the past! And I absolutely love as well intimate weddings and petit comité love celebration events!!
An elopement in France is an excellent idea looking at the outstanding fairytale locations, and castles here. For elopements in France, I have as well a special custom package. 
If you are eloping in France, let me know where and I can provide you a quote!

mariage lesbien lors une seance de photo

Wedding's couple session in Borgö island, Sweden.

mariée avec son robe de mariage dans la nature

Wedding's portrait session, Stockholm, Sweden.

During the wedding

What equipement do you use?

I use Full frame Canon cameras and a wide range of  Canon’s professional L series lenses. I am always equipped with two bodies and a variety of different focal range lenses both fix and zoom. This lets me have every possible distance covered  in every scene.  
It lets me have as well backup if a lens or a camera falls or gets damaged.  I also use flashes if necessary. 

Do you use flashes very often or natural light?

For weddings I prefer natural light, but I use flashes when the natural light isn’t adequate in places such as indoor receptions/dance using it just when it is needed. I do not bring flash it into ceremonies, unless is absolutely unavoidable. 

What if it rains?

Raining is not as bad as it may look.  I will advise you on what is the best to do in the couple session and the group pictures segment with family and guests. But on a personal note, rain is not that bad! you can get really creative with umbrellas and a rainy environment make pictures turn out really beautiful!

photographie original de mariage

Are we doing group pictures?

Of course. Usually I do with the closest ones of each family, then closest all together, then we enlarge a bit the picture extending to more relatives upon the choice of the couple cousins, witnesses, friends etc. For each, I like to take a classical one and a more funny one where I implement my techniques to make granny and/or serious uncle John give their best at it. If the space allows, I like take one big team photo with all the guests.

After the wedding

How many images will we receive?

That depends on the wedding package and the coverage time. But the wedding collections range from 400-800 fully edited digital images.

Do you edit the photos?

Post-processing has a major importance in my workflow, just as important as compositing the picture and handling light on shooting.  I work hard to ensure that every image meets my artistic standard and has my signature look.
 I don’t do however any body transformations.

Is black/white possible?

Some pictures will be black and white always looking at what is best for each image.

When/how do we get the pics?

Between 1 month and 2 will be the turnaround time and you will have your private gallery with all the images in high res ready. I do send some sneak peek some days after the wedding to not make the wait so long. 

Can our guest download the images and buy prints?

Yes, The gallery will be password protected and you will be able to share the link with your loved ones giving them this password. And yes, your guests and you will be able to download without limit the digital files, and order physical prints. They will have access to this service through the gallery.

Do you offer albums and prints?

I’m a big believer in printing and displaying your images in physical supports. I do offer beautiful linen / ladder albums. In one of the packages is included, and for the rest can be ordered ” a la carte”. Get in touch to see fully detailed brochure on packages and albums.

seance photo de couple marié qui embrasse entre deux grandes colonnes

Couple session, Uppsala, Sweden.

Can we take part in the elaboration of the album?

of course! will do it together. First you select the images you want and I do the layout. Then you will validate or request modifications. Once the modifications done, once finished and validated by you, is ready to send to the printing factory. 

How long does the album take to be ready?

We can count with around one month. This involves the communication between us for the layout it and the preparation of the files to be sent to the printer. 

You did not find the answer of your question?

 Do not hesitate to get in touch,  will be a pleasure to talk about your big day with you!

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