High-end quality visuals of your musical events and concerts

Wether you are an agency, or you manage the communication of an artist or a concert, a play or other music and entertainment industry event, I 
 have covered an infinity of concerts and I bring my technical and creative input in each of my photographs to deliver high-end quality photography and rendering.

Organising a festival takes an enormous amount of time. Having a photographic reportage of your event lets you not only immortalize the event, but is the material that serves for promotion the next editions of the festivals.

When having a club, providing photos to your customers is an awesome tool to highlight yourself as a venue. High quality photos that cant be taken in a club with a smartphone is an outstanding value you give to the assistants. It is extraordinarily appreciated by the people and it reflects in future visitors

Do you have a concert, festival or a club and want High Quality Photography?



What I love most of live musical events is that each event and each artist’s performance is unique in terms of Photography. From soft music to beautiful expressions and lights to energetic music that offers crazy possibilities, the panel is very wide.

Since my beginnings in photography, I have had the chance to cover concerts, whatever their size or musical genre.

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During my stay in Sweden I was requested to cover the Swing dance festival of the city I was living, Uppsala. I absolutely loved those 3 days experience of tirelessly shooting among an atmosphere of joy, fun and dynamism. For this reason, I have included this coverage in my catalogue of services for associations organising any festival of any field of the entertainment industry, 


I worked during my time in Sweden covering nightclub events for most of the clubs of my town. I love social and nightclub photography as well and the exercise of shooting in environments with unpredictable light changes.
I also enjoy a lot shooting the spontaneous interactions, the djs, the dancers, the bottles, the details, the beautiful people, the moments, etc.

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