20 years ago, photography became an indispensable part of my life as a mean of expression, and from 2010 it became my job. 
I got hooked on photography when I was around 14 in a photography exhibition, and as I started diving deeper and deeper, it turned into my biggest passion.
When i was 18 I moved from Zaragoza to Madrid to study Fine Arts, where I graduated with a specialisation in Arts of the Image at University Complutense of Madrid. Since then I lived and worked as a professional Fine Art, Wedding and Lifestyle photographer in Uk, and Sweden. Was during my 6 years stay in Sweden where I extended my services to corporate photography due to the growing number of inquiries from companies requesting event coverage and corporate photography. I collaborated with multiple private companies and with the public sector documenting the social-cultural events of my town for the main local newspaper. 

In 2019 i moved to Rennes, France, and now, I put my skills at the service of breton companies for their communication purpose, providing high-end visuals for their events, advertising campaigns, reportages and portraits.