By your side to illustrate the values of your company and enhance its visual communication

As a documentary photographer specializing in business communication,  I am with you to Illustrate what your company or you as a professional do; your values, savoir-faire, the process, the details, the tools, the human element of your company and the dynamism of your brand to be used on your marketing strategy.

My missions are: 

  • To highlight what makes you different to stand you out from your competitors by exploiting the full photographic potential and authenticity of your company.

  • To build and strength your brand identity to grow their online presence improving the conversion rate of their products and services

 Ultimately, I care to build for your entity, a strong visual universe with unique and high qualitative visuals. 

High quality visuals means the difference between being perceived an average company of the crowd, or being perceived as a standing out high quality service / product provider. It develops as well trust on the audience. It shows self respect. A company that shows care for its image and use high quality visuals, will be likely demanding the same for the quality of its products. And the image projected has a major impact on sales

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FAQ – Corporate Photo-reportage / publireportage Photographer in Rennes

We live in an era where 90% of the information we process in our brain is visual. This is because our brain registers 60.000 times faster the image than the text. Nowadays, an effective visual communication  strategy is essential for any company. So why a photo-reportage?

  • Your social media networks and your website constitute your showcase, your window for the public and potential buyers.  
  • To have good photography for your communication supports, to feed your social media, for advertising campaigns, etc
  • To illustrate your savoir-faire, your creation process, the place and behind the scenes where you develop your product / services, the human side and its employees, etc
  • Transcribe in images the values of the company.

Being indispensable a good visual impact on marketing and communication strategies, calling a professional is a matter of how much you care about the image you project to your potential customers. A smartphone or a n unexperienced friend can not deliver the quality that a professional does.

And Why to call Cristina Ramos Photography?     
Counting on Cristina Ramos Photography for your company ´s photo-reportage is the guarantee of having a professional photographer ready to listen to you and eager to understand your profession in order to exploit its full photographic potential and authenticity. 
I bring a decade of experience and expertise in documentary photography and put it at your service in order to deliver qualitative photos that will enhance your visual communication.

Before each photo-reportage, I like to know you and discover your activity. We talk about your needs and the values you want to convey in images. This serves me to make sure you get a photo-reportage in line with the culture, values and brand image of your company. 

As professional documentary photographer specializing in photo reports, I adapt to any situation and handle ambiance and natural lighting with mastery.  Immersed in the fabrication processes and the back end of your corporation, I accompany you capturing the savoir-faire, the tools, the we workforce, the human aspect, highlighting the values through meaningful images.

After the shooting of the reportage, it is time for the post-processing. I develop my pictures taking out the most out of the raw files and making all the necessary adjustments to the final images to exploit their full photographic potential. Finally, the work is delivered in two downloadable links, one with the High Resolution reportage and another and Screen resolution reportage both via a private online gallery for easy handling and sharing with partners, customers, employees, suppliers, etc 

The price of a corporate photo-reportage starts at 200 €: 
 – The shooting in location
– Post-processing and ambiance retouching.

   Prices are indicative. Given the specificity of each event photography request, I offer personalised quotes tailored to your needs. 
        I also move throughout Brittany and Paris region.

Do not hesitate to get in touch,  will be a pleasure to discuss your project with you!

This service is addressed to corporations, professionals, cultural and economic institutions, enterprises, associations, collectives, start-ups, and ultimately any entity with marketing purposes.

To be used on websites, social media, newsletters, newspapers, book, flyers, and ultimately any communication support. 




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