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Wedding photography is a historic document about a key moment in the life of a family

I am very aware of that and I develop my work from the understanding of what that unique moment and that image mean to a couple and a family in the context of a lifetime.

I want the wedding story to be the best memory you will have from your beautiful day. I want to preserve every detail, every emotion in such an honest and beautiful way that when you see the images, you go back to the scene and feel again the presence of that moment. My goal is to generate a visual heritage full of authentic emotions and feelings, not only of you as a couple, but of all those who will participate in one of the most important days of your lives. 


– ART –

I want to tell your story the way it looked, but also

the way IT FELT.


The best I can give you is my ability to be fully present on your wedding day. 

And what would that mean? The trust and the tranquility of knowing that all your memories will be there forever, and are going to be captured at their best. Even moments that you missed while being in the rollercoaster of your big day. 
I will narrate this entire chapter of your life in a unique and truthful way.


While talking about the experience during the day is important, I also care about the pre-wedding planning and try to contribute from my side to make as stress-less smooth and painless as possible.
And so we will go together through every detail by:

  • Planning together your big day.
  • Define the timeline to flow through each moment
  • Coordinating with you or your wedding planner to ultimate those small but important venue details.
  • Location scouting to measure the light and find the most breathtaking spots.
  • Getting to know who are the most important people for you so I can give special attention when shooting. 

My approach to wedding photography

I work with a photojournalistic approach, and document the day as it happens. There will actually be some special moments during your day which you will only discover once you receive your images 😉 .

During the couple’s private portrait session I also prioritize naturalness. I run away from posey images.

Even though this is a segment where I lead a more staged shooting regarding composition and light, I do not like posey photos. I will photograph while my couples enjoy themselves. I also lead the session suggesting my couples moving actions where lots of nice and spontaneous poses will be organically created.  They will walk, interact with each other and do what feels natural to them. At certain points…

I give special importance to my models to be comfortable and at ease. I really look after my brides and grooms who are real people not accustomed to being professionally photographed. Fortunately by experience, these couples usually take an average of 5-7 minutes  to lose the camera awareness and feel relaxed (promise, it is always like that ;)) I also do care about not only the result pictures but their experience in the shooting.
I aim for them to feel well cared and to enjoy as much as I do.

I give special importance to my models to be comfortable and at ease. I really look after my brides and grooms who are real people not accustomed to being professionally photographed. Fortunately by experience, these couples usually take an average of 5-7 minutes  to lose the camera awareness and feel relaxed (promise, it is always like that ;)) I also do care about not only the result pictures but their experience in the shooting.
I aim for them to feel well cared and to enjoy as much as I do.

I remain discreet during the whole day and I work from a documenting standpoint. However, I believe not everything needs to be left to chance. There may come moments where a light is much better in certain spot. In that case I will let my couples know,  I’ll step back and let the moments and interactions unfold naturally. I find that this makes my couples comfortable, while allowing me to craft the perfect picture and still keep the true documentary of the day.

As for the rest of the wedding day, I am an observer and I document the day as it happens. I deeply enjoy the fast moving phenomenon that is a wedding, where you have to be eyes wide open all the time to not miss things that happen in a fraction of second; a sight, a smile, that spontaneous hug or a facial expression in reaction to a surprise. I become invisible and reflect those instants choosing in every shoot the best perspective and light angle in an absolutely non-obtrusive approach. I intervene only when necessary to optimize composition like when setting up family and friend pictures.  


Seeing your day as art.

I’ll frame and preserve your wedding day with cinematic storytelling and a fine art photography (genre I practise extensively aside), mindset from the shooting till the end of the image post-production.
I love creating evolving atmospheres that transport you back to that moment and reflect the best as possible the feeling and emotion underneath the bond of every couple.

I want my couples to feel through the images years down the road the feeling they had in their wedding day. 

I find cinematic style to be the perfect aesthetical convergence of elegance, naturalness, atmosphere and emotion. 

My goal is to create timeless fine art images, 
images without a shelf life. 


couple marié qui traverse la campagne


My prices for a full day coverage start at 1900€. I can send you upon simple request by email, my brochure with all the detailed information. I am sure we will find together the package that adapts best to your needs. 
All travel expenses are included within France. For destination weddings, I invite you to check the dedicated page.
All the packages include:
– Consultations and timeline planning.
– The coverage hours.
– The image post production (custom treatment of each photograph). 
– Private online gallery for viewing, download & share.
– Wooden USB Drive with all the collection in High Resolution  + 10 prints in a beautiful wooden box. 
–  5-10 Sneak peek photos available within 4 days.

*Custom prices are available for smaller weddings and elopements under date, availability and location conditions. I invite you to get in touch if this is your case.

Prices are VAT inclusive. 

enfants dans le mariage de leur parents
belle mariee photo portrait blanc et noire

kind Words

“Cristina is such a professional! She took our pictures in Stockholm and she knew exactly what we wanted without us even telling her.

She did not only document the day but she was really creative in her shooting. She nailed it when it comes to reflect the mood the of the day and bring to life the emotions!. Reviewing the photos we are freaking out cause it looks like she was in multiple places at the same time! she got so many amazing candid pictures that we did not realise at all in that moment. She handled the whole shooting very discretely and yet managed to get pictures from the most original angles.
Then we did the session Roger and I and the pictures are just beyond amazing.

She was also very easy in communication from the beginning answering us immediately almost always. The whole experience with her was 10/10 and we absolutely recommend in general a good photographer as it is the only lifetime memory you will have but I recommend specially and particularly her.


What type of weddings do you photograph?

During the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to live and work in Spain, Greece, UK, Sweden and France, and tell the story of hundreds of awesome couples ranging in a wide variety of styles and types. A large number of them were covered in Sweden, where I lived and worked for years before moving to France in 2019. 

My couples and weddings range in a really eclectic spectrum: I have accommodated in 300 guests wedding to true elopements of just two. I have done civil, religious, LGBT, non LGBT, in the seaside, in forests, from the yard of a summer house to a huge and fancy castle, in a boat, in the lake, in the city hall..! I can not chose one type over another. Each and every single one has their elements that makes it unique.  

The only criteria? bring your 100% self

As for me, whether it’s a full wedding or an engagement session, I will give all of myself to produce for you the best reportage possible.

I bring a decade of experience to deliver artistic quality of work, expertise and ease every step of the way.

I am based in France but I also travel!

DESTINATION WEDDINGS & adventure elopements

Destination wedding Photography options:

If you are living in France having an international guests wedding outside France(I speak fluently english, french and spanish), or you are simply leaving your home country to get married in your dream destination in Europe or overseas. In both scenarios I work with my couples to make it as cost effective as possible. Only charging for my packages as a normal France wedding and then travel and an overnight stay on top.

jolie photo de mariage a la campagne française

Wedding in Stockholm’s country side. Couple’s portrait session.

 How it works:

  • Choose a package that fits your schedule. Click here to request fully detailed package information. 
  • Or enquire for custom hours- I know from having photographed  weddings in different countries that timings can be different from France weddings. So I am here to be able to create an option perfect for your day.
  • Let me know the location- I can then give you a quote for the travel and overnight stay (2 nights if this is a long distance)
  • No hidden costs or extras.

My Couples Call me..


“The best deal”

” Friendly, easy to communicate and to work with” 

“Professional and extremely efficient “

” Thoughtful, very involved, and resourceful” 

“Warm and a good soul”


If you like my work, I would love to hear about your wedding in France, Europe or beyond. 
We can schedule a meeting in person or video-call, and talk about creating something unique and amazing for your wedding day.

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