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Whether it’s the first or not, pregnancy is such an important time in life it deserves to be inmortaliz
ed. This session is for you to have the memory of these nine months that have been an adventure so far. A time of emotions and illusion awaiting that moment when you will hug your baby for the first time.

The memory of these 9 months, a memory that will be passed on from generation to generation

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Pregnancy / Maternity

- Collection of 10 retouched High Resolution images

150 euros

- Collection of 25 retouched High Resolution images

250 euros

It includes: 
– The photo session in the location of your choice 
– The post production 
– A private gallery online
– – The delivery of the collection in high and screen resolution is in  a maximum of 7 days


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Before the shooting, we talk via mail / telephone , and go together through the shooting, the locations, and the style as well as any special wish or specific information you may want me to know.

The choice of clothes is important, It is usually best to avoid extremely extravagant patterns and over saturated colours or neon options to not make the clothing compite on attention with you and the scenario.


Outdoors is my absolute favourite workstation for photography sessions, and when it comes to pregnancy sessions, I prioritize calm and discreet places where to be relax and comfortable. When the approach is more lining to softness, elegance and tenderness, I privilege the natural areas such as a forest, green areas, beautiful parks,  or even by the water. 
Natural areas are also preferred when we are going to combine a pregnancy shooting with a family with your big child / children in the same session. 
However, Rennes is a really photogenic town and when the session is more fun,  “rock n’ roll” style, the old town is a perfect scenario to have a walk and create a  super cool reportage. 
Indoors in case of the pregnancy lifestyle sessions are a wonderful option too. We will take the most out of your spaces and the light and warmth of your home. 

However, I do not like to set limits, and if you have any specific  location you wished for the session, such as a meaningful place for you and your couple please, do not be shy and let me know!


I care about the people to enjoy the shooting experience as much as I care about the final result. In this session we will combine some more staged photos with a bit of posing with more spontaneous ones specially when your couple is there. 

 I prioritize to get comfortable and at ease. Fortunately by experience, moms and couples who are not familiar with being in front of the lens take about little time to loose their camera awareness and feel relax after we chat a bit(I promise, It is always like that ;)) 

When it comes to lighting,, indoors, I work with both natural light and depending on the scenario, occasionally I use artificial lighting as well. Outdoors however, I take full advantage of natural light. 
When to do the pregnancy session?  The best time for this session is around the 7th and 8th month.

– Can I combine a couple shooting with a pregnancy one? And family and pregnancy shooting in the same session? of course!, It is also a moment of complicity with the future dad, the brothers and sisters, do not hesitate to involve them. Your future baby will love to see you all there later!

– Do you do birth shootings? yes, if the hospital rules allow, I will be very happy to to photograph the very first meeting of your baby and you, and dad too.   
About the duration of the pregnancy session outdoors or indoors, I am not on the clock, the sessions last between 45 and 75 minutes on average.
Throughout the shooting, I am happy to listen to you. If you have an idea, or a specific photo you always imagined, do not be shy, will be your chance so  do let me know!

If for complicated weather reasons (huge rain), the session can not be done,  it will be postponed regarding at our availability -yours and mine-.

All the files are sent in both: 
– High resolution format, meant to printing purposes without any limit of copies, support(print, albums, etc) or size.
– Screen resolution format, for screen display..sharing and social media.

The reportages will contain a mix of colour and black and white images.

If you have any question, will be a pleasure to talk with you!

Get in touch! 




An option for those who know for sure they will want to inmmortalice the pregnancy and also the birth or have a session of the baby wether is newborn or it is a baby
this packs give the option to book two different sessions with a pack reduced price . 
Get in touch with to get a personalised quote.

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If you have any question, will be a pleasure to talk with you!

Get in touch! 


While the photos must be excellent already in the raw file in camera, the editing, grading and final look of my images is an important aspect of my work. My work begins before the photo shoot, during the shoot and equally important,  after the shoot. I work and retouch my photos both in Lightroom and in Photoshop depending on the requirement of the image. 
I do not apply any standard filters, I edit my photos one by one treating the light by zones towards the feeling to be conveyed and the atmosphere I like to give to the images. 
I do not smooth the skin with any blur actions that can be found in any editing app on the smartphones. I run away from plastic skin feel. I aim for naturalness.
I do occasionally erase certain unwanted aspects (scar, marks…) according to your expectations, but skin pixel level work is not applied here.

If you like my work, I would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and date availability. 

Will be a pleasure to talk to you.