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Photography is today an essential asset of communication. A good visual representation defines how your client perceives you. Inspire confidence, professionalism and rigor. Makes the image of a company, and this, has a decisive impact on attracting customers and achieving sales.

My corporate photography services are addressed at all kind of professionals: from large companies, associations or local authorities  till craftsmen and independent professionals.

My mission is to highlight your company and help it stand it out from your competitors, through corporate photography, corporate report / publireportage, branding, and corporate portraiture. Ultimately, the enhancement and strengthening of your firm through the image.  

My service´s catalogue range from corporate portraits, corporate reports and publireportage, branding and visual identity photography for catalogues. My focus if into highlighting their human resources, the material, the savoir-faire and their products. 

Being native spanish, billingual in English, and fluent in French and Swedish, makes me as well really comfortable developing my work in any international context and I am mobile throughout France.

Want to know more ? In this page, you will find the various services I offer to businesses and professionals.

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This type of shooting has the goal of ensuring the most professional look of your company and its products wether it is for your website, an advertising campaign, publireportage, etc.
Giving to the visual identity of your company the importance that deserves with professional photography nowadays turns indispensable. 


Corporate Portrait lets you properly present the human resources to promote the values of the company. Through the production of quality and modern portraits, you allow your employees to be highlighted and your company to be better represented.


Documenting a corporate event allows to communicate on its success while feeding the story of the company. It highlights its partners and employees. It strengthens and enhances the corporate culture.

It  immortalizes the important events of the company such as its anual reports, seminars, its promotional ceremonies, its conventions, its inaugurations, congresses, etc.


Wether it is a seminar, an afterwork or celebrating good results, these moments are worthy to immortalize and leave to the members of the company a good memory. 

No matter which type of event it is, you company is worth a good quality photography from an experienced professional.

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