As a passionate for rock and music in general, concert photography is one of my passions. 

Concerts take time, effort and material investment to be celebrated. That effort deserves the best coverture possible and the best quality images.

Concert photography is a sensitive field with many constraints making the execution of this task particularly delicate: 

– Work in low light, without flash requires the use of « bright » lenses. Bodies with high-performance photosensors in low light are also essential.

– In fast changing light environments It is needed as well to master technically the exposure: stage lights usually alternate very bright and intense with low . This requires to know how to perfectly find extra quickly for each picture the right spot at your exposure compensation tool to take in the raws properly lights exposed without loosing details in shadows in such an often contrasted scene.

– We have add as well in the equation the fast moving performers, these demands special concentration regarding the focus to avoid blurred subjects.

– Although there are occasions where is possible to move further and around,  often the space is limited to the front of the stage, the shots must be taken from a low angle, 2 meters from the stage (no recoil, low flexibility…). A experienced concert photographer brings a maximum of diversity in a limited workspace.

– The anticipation and attention of every moment play a key factor in capturing photos on the spot.

This alike the others, is an area in photography that requires, without any doubt, high-end professional and equipment, to be present to ensure high quality shots.

All this with the keeping present creativity on angles and composition.

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FAQ – Concert Photographer

As mentioned above, this is a genre that requires experience at mastery of the technique of concert and show photography as it has its constraints that make the execution particularly delicate. It demands bright lenses-as flash usually is out of the equation here-, and mastery ambient light of balance exposure in environments where light changes fast, along with ability to the get sharp fast moving performers. 
All this with the keeping present creativity on angles and composition. 

agencies, event organisers, artist representatives, artists themselves

                                  Before each coverage, we talk about the concert, the schedule and any specification that may exist related to it that need to be known.
After the shooting of the reportage, it is time for the post-processing. I develop my pictures taking out the most out of the raw files and making all the necessary adjustments to the final image to exploit their full photographic potential. Finally, the work is delivered in two downloadable links, one with the High Resolution reportage and another and Screen resolution reportage via a private online gallery  for easy handling and sharing. 

Concert photography: 

–Concert coverage (minimum 2H)

–High-End Post-processing

300 € 

Price is indicative. Given the specificity of each project, I offer personalized quotes adapted to your needs. I love throughout Brittany and Paris region.

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