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What is An Elopement?
Called fugue amoureuse in french, the word wedding is often associated with the tradicional union celebration, whereas the word elopement is refers to “secret” or “runaway”.
So what does it mean to elope? In the world of intimate weddings means a marriage where you do not need to be adhered to any expectations.
Couples choose somewhere meaningful to them to get married as they want or a dream destination place to start your journey with an adventure. A hike up in the mountains, a cabin in the woods, a lake, ultimately your dream wedding place of choice for your intimate vows. .
It can be just the two of you(the officer and me ūüėČ )or with some friends and family members. 

Elopements have become really popular in the last years and for good reason! The classical wedding can be too much for some couples and the pressure to create a memorable event for hundreds of guests, as well as the costs can be too much. This much more relaxed approach of going somewhere with your partner is a wedding concept that attracts more and more couples. Basically means less stress, less pressure and more intimacy. 

Let’ s go on adventure!
Elopements are quoted upon a case by case basis. 

France and Europe in general are full of breathtaking locations for elopements. If you are having your dream

elopement in Paris (or fugue amoureuse in Paris)

Or an elopement in a french castle

Or are considering to elope in France, Spain, Greece, Europe, or overseas,

Click to have your most special day preserved forever in the most beautiful way.

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