Driven by a passion for visual storytelling, my images move between fiction and reality, constructing imaginative narratives in which the aim is to explore concepts such us the relation human – habitat, the self expression through art, etc
Playing at the edges of reality,  I present these surreal scenarios often frozen in the moment just prior to or immediately following something that has happened, like an unfinished sentence. With this sense of ambiguity I invite the viewer to look closer and interact with his own story within the scene.

Believing in the camera to be not merely a tool limited to capturing reality, I see photography as a way to move closer to the inner self. In my work, photography’s ability to materialise imagination is harnessed as a type of healing therapy, revealing us to ourselves and encouraging the use of emotional experiences to uncover inspiration in our own lives. In my opinion art is a mirror for the creator and the observer. 

Work process implies in first place a clear understanding of the story of the piece to determine the  lighting, composition, color and atmosphere. Once this planned and often sketch on paper,  is followed by the location scouting, then the shooting and finally, the postproduction. The technical goal is to create these surreal scenarios in a realist way. For that, light and perspective are key elements to keep the image cohesive. For this reason, I usually avoid stock photography. I photograph my own material to control the seamless integration of the final piece. 

For inquiries in United Kingdom area, my work is represented by the gallery Noonpowell Fine Art. From outside United Kingdom, fill out the form in the contact page.


Cristina Ramos was born and lived in Zaragoza, Spain until attending University Complutense of Madrid where she completed her Bachelor and Master´s degree in Fine Arts. Now she resides in France and works as a freelance photographer and plastic artist. She has lived and worked in Thessaloniki, Greece, Madrid, Spain, London, U.K, Uppsala, Sweden and exhibited in different european countries as well as in Latinamerica.
Painting and Photography have always been her two main means of expression from a very early age.  


Particularly her passion for photography was triggered when she was around 14 years old in a landscape photography exhibition. She got fascinated with creating those scenes where she could escape and get lost for hours when se wanted.

That evolved slowly into the work that she creates nowadays where she combines landscape, portrait and concept into cinematic and evolving atmospheres. 
Her Fine Art Photography happens within whimsical, surreal and oneiric spaces. 
She specializes in conceptual portraiture, and each image is tackled from a storytelling approach from the idea to the final edit that invites and welcomes the viewer to to get involved form his own interpretation and interact with the scene. 
¨Fine Art photography has always been kind of a meditative,  not only because I get absolutely present when creating each piece from conceptualization to end, because photography lets me not only capture reality, but imagination and ideas and has served a way to explore inside and get closer to my inner self¨
–Cristina Ramos.

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