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     As a specialist in documentary photography, Festivals is one of my favourite workstations as it combines documentary with photo-reportage in a photojournalistic approach covering the activities, or when is a Music festival the work is based on concert photography, another field I am passionate about.

Festivals take such a huge amount of effort to organize that to getting it documented in high quality photographs becomes not only is almost mandatory to make justice to the human, time and material effort invested, but these efforts demand also to use it in your promotional and communication purposes in the most professional way. 

Counting with many years of experience in event documentary photography, photo-reporting, and concert photography, I put my expertise at the service of your festival wether you are an artist representation agency, a communication agency, an artist or a festival venue manager.

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FAQ – Festival Photographer

     Counting on Cristina Ramos Photography for your festival is the guarantee of having a professional photographer ready to listen to you and eager to understand you and exploit the full photographic potential of your event. 

Wether is a dance festival, a music festival or a festival in any thematic, I bring a decade of experience in documentary photography to put it at the service of providing you the highest quality visuals to use at your communication strategy, not only to share and get the best exposure in the media, but photographs that can be used as a promotional material in the upcoming years. 

Documentary photography requires a high technical mastery to produce the best photo possible concerning angle and artistic view but also technically adapting to the fast changing light conditions. Concerts require as well mastery in fast changing ambient light, fast moving subjects and fast control at adapting the parameters of the exposure compensation tool, along with the aperture, shutter speed and even ISO for each picture, as the scenario lights and color is very dynamic.

Counting with many years of experience in both fields allow me to provide high quality photography coverage for your festival event. 


   agencies, event organizers, artist representatives, artists themselves

                                  Before each coverage, we talk about the festival, the schedule and any specification that may exist related to it that need to be known.
After the shooting of the reportage, it is time for the post-processing. I develop my pictures taking out the most out of the raw files and making all the necessary adjustments to the final image to exploit their full photographic potential. Finally, the work is delivered in two downloadable links, one with the High Resolution reportage and another and Screen resolution reportage via a private online gallery  for easy handling and sharing.

Festival photography: 

Concert coverage (minimum 2H)

High-End Post-processing

300 € 

Price is indicative. Given the specificity of each project, I offer personalized quotes adapted to your needs. I love throughout Brittany and Paris region.

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Internet, Digital and Physical Press. Book, Photo-books, Social media, Newsletter, others supports of communication.


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