Let us make your special events unforgettable

Organising an institutional event, an award ceremony or a gala is an activity that implies real human, material and financial investment involving usually
an enormous amount of time.

The Event photography has the power to freeze the highlights of the life of your company: seminars, conventions, inaugurations … So many opportunities to keep memories up to the means implemented through qualitative photos.

Using an event photographer to cover your corporate events means ensuring successful photos that faithfully transcribe the highlights of your parties, trade shows, receptions, team building, training, conferences …

For a day or an evening, we accompany you in order to transcribe the atmosphere that emerges from your events, the reception setting, the interventions of the organizers and participants.

Through a wide range of photographic techniques, we are able to deliver original and striking images to you: viewing angles, mastery of ambient lights, depth of field… You can enjoy your day / evening, we take care of everything!

The photos delivered allow you to illustrate the dynamism of your company on your website, your intranet, your internal newspaper or social networks. In addition to conveying a serious and dynamic image to your employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers and partners, you highlight the human dimension of your company
and you help to stand out from the competition while enhancing your employer brand.

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FAQ – Event Photographer

Event photography requires special skills and professional equipment to adapt to often complex environments: moving subjects, low ambient light, fleeting moments In such a fast phenomenon that are events where moments are ephemeral and happen so fast. An event where organizers want to be documented properly requires a person with experience at documenting fast and eyes wide open the entire time, as well as mastery in handling the act of photographing in situations where light and color changes very fast.

And Why to call Cristina Ramos Photography? Counting on Cristina Ramos Photography for your company ´s event is the guarantee of having a professional photographer ready to listen to you, adapt and eager to make you feel you can trust me. I bring a decade of experience and expertise in documentary photography. I have covered reportages and events in an infinity of different environments and fast moving events. I put all my knowledge and skills it at your service of your big day’ s coverage in order to deliver high-end visuals that allow you to communicate with your employees, customers and partners but also on your website or on your social networks, etc

Each performance is preceded by a brief. During this brief, we define together the key points of your event and the key moments to capture. During the big day, I will exploit the full photographic potential of your event. I will ensure the best angles according final picture handling with mastery the environment and the ambient light. 

In order to ensure optimal security, I am permanently equipped with two cameras allowing myself to have a backup, but also, this allows me to switch lens with different focal length fast. This lets me capture on the same scene, a detail on the face of someone, and the whole scenario. This as well avoids me to have to change lenses risking missing spontaneous expressions. I vary the focal lengths working with high-end lenses ranging from very wide angle to tele-lens to document the event in any range of distance, from wide general frames of the whole venue to close up details.

After the shooting of the reportage, it is time for the post-processing. I develop my pictures taking out the most out of the raw files and making all the necessary adjustments to the final images to exploit their full photographic potential.

Finally, the work is delivered in two downloadable links, one with the High Resolution reportage and another and Screen resolution reportage both via a private online gallery for easy handling and sharing with partners, customers, employees, suppliers, etc 


Reportage in location (minimum 2H)


Photos delivered in 24h

FROM 300 €

Prices are indicative. Given the specificity of each project, I offer personalized quotes adaptet to your needs. I move throughout Brittany and Paris region. 

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To corporations, cultural and economic institutions, enterprises, associations, start-ups. collectives. etc..
To be used on websites, social media, newsletters, newspapers, book, flyers, and ultimately any communication support. 


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