The goal here is to witness the actuality and inform the public of the events happening without transforming them and respecting every fact as it happens. Photo journalism and documentary photography is one of  my biggest passions inside photography.

I document the news that will be published in a magazine, newspaper, website or any other type of publication. To this end, I go to the scene of the events with my equipment to cover cultural events, annual local and tradition celebrations,  local festivities, personalities, and ultimately any fact happening in the region that is needed or wanted to be documented in high quality visuals.
This graphic documentation serves not only as a report of photographs, but often to illustrate the text about the event. In these cases I sometimes go along with the journalist and can discuss the angle from which to treat certain articles or reports before taking the photos, so that the photographs illustrate the point of the text and the way in which the journalist approached it.

Do you have an event and want me to assist to document it? 


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