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Events usually take an enormous amount of human effort, time, material, and economical investment to be done. Inaugurations, conventions, press conferences, team building, product presentation, trade shows, receptions, training, so many highlights in the story of an entity that deserve to be properly inmortalized. 

Private or public, events are important because they contribute to the image of your company / institution / organisation, etc
The event photography report allows to illustrate the work and dynamism of a company in the press media, in social media, in their web, internally, etc.

Photography serves as well to highlight the human aspect, with their employees, collaborators, customers, partners and convey the message you want to the market. 

Covering your event means to tell its the story as it unfolds. I accompany you transcribing the atmosphere and the emotion, the interventions of the participants, highlight  the personalities, the interactions and the details. 
The events are full of special moments that pass in a flash and that event photography will make them unforgettable. 

I work with two camera bodies and a wide range of lenses, which lets me save time changing lens avoiding me missing any photo. It gives me flexibility as well in terms of focal length as I can take a close up shot of a face and the whole scenario from the same moment. I put a broad spectrum of photography techniques, my expertise in image compositing, my creativity regarding angles, mastery of ambient lights and depth of field at the service of your event coverage. 

Ultimately, the goals of event photography are providing the event the means to communicate effectively within the company and the media, make unforgettable with a high quality visual report those highlights moments in the life of  company, and take care of the documentation while the organisers can enjoy their event. 

Make the difference


Award ceremonies, institutional galas. Events that bring together the economical and cultural actors of the territory.
Visual documentation is almost indispensable in events of this calibre where so much time and effort is invested. 


Documenting a corporate event allows to communicate on its success while feeding the story of the company. It highlights its partners and employees. It strengthens and enhances the corporate culture.

It  immortalizes the important events of the company such as its anual reports, seminars, its promotional ceremonies, its conventions, its inaugurations, congresses, etc.


Wether it is a seminar, an afterwork or celebrating good results, these moments are worthy to immortalize and leave to the members of the company a good memory. 

No matter which type of event it is, you company is worth a good quality photography from an experienced professional.


Wether you are an agency, or you manage the communication of an artist or a concert, a play or other cultural event, I put my skills in concert photography at the service of your music event. Having covered an infinity of concerts, I bring my technical and creative input in each of my photographs to deliver high-end quality photography and rendering.
Festivals as well as nightlife are also covered.

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