Corporate / Environmental portrait. Give your company a professional image.

Corporate portrait

The human component of a company is crucial to inspire a sense of trust to the audience target. Showcasing in your website, social media, digital or physical press, professional portraits of the directives, employees, collaborators, etc, contributes to the image that the visitors will get of the entity. 

With this type of photography I extract the full potential of the person to be portrayed and put my lighting and compositing skills at the service of producing  beautiful corporate portraits retaining their personality. 
From the general management members of large companies to small startups and young freelancers who are starting their activity, wether is a corporate portrait at the office, or an environmental  portrait in situation at the workplace, the goal is to provide you with high quality visuals to be used to show your company`s human dimension in any communication platform of your choice, from websites, to social media and Linkedin, among others. 

If you are in need of professional portraiture for your company members or yourself as a professional,  get in touch! . I will be happy to chat with about your project. 


Environmental portrait. Portrait of profession, portrait in situation.

Here I elaborate the Business Portraits at your workplace (offices, shops, factories or warehouses, restaurants, , etc.) by being close to you and your activity, in order to highlight your profession and your working environment. The shooting is carried out in the manner of a report, without imposing lighting equipment, and is prepared with you to match exactly your expectations and needs (employee attire, enhancement of symbolic objects, layout of the place if necessary).

They showcase know-how, expertise, and more generally a universe. Photo reports are mainly organized in the workplace in order to make authentic portraits, to capture the atmosphere of a profession.

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FAQ – Corporate Portrait Photographer

It happens when we see the ¨about¨ section in corporate websites. How you display your human asset tells a lot about your company as well. Everything counts. Are they shown in average photos taken with a phone or in properly lit frame with a proactive and confident pose? 
There are not two chances to give a good impression. and it goes also to any visual display media or social network such as Linkedin, where, the first thing we see is your photo. In a matter of seconds we keep the attention or we leave. We should never use uncle ‘ s John photo taken at pur birthday or a fast food photo with our smartphone. We should aim to count with a professional look by using a professional image. 

Being indispensable a good visual impact on marketing and communication strategies, calling a professional is a matter of how much you care about the image you project to your potential customers. A smartphone or a n unexperienced friend can not deliver the quality that a professional does.
And Why to call Cristina Ramos Photography?     
Counting on Cristina Ramos Photography for your company ´s members portrait session is the guarantee of having a professional photographer that has over 10 years experience in professional portraiture, disponed at your service to in order to deliver qualitative photos that will enhance your visual communication.

Before each photo-reportage, I like to know you and discover your activity. We talk about your needs and goals with the shooting. 
As professional portrait photographer, I put my skills in mastering both natural and artificial lighting as well as posing and body language to the service of your corporate portraits, wether it is you as a professional or a whole team of your company. 
After the shooting of the reportage, it is time for the post-processing. I develop my pictures taking out the most out of the raw files and making all the necessary adjustments to the final image to exploit their full photographic potential. Finally, the work is delivered in two downloadable links, one with the High Resolution reportage and another and Screen resolution reportage via a private online gallery  for easy handling and sharing with partners, customers, employees, suppliers, etc 

       The pack for an individual entrepreneur shoot is 150 € TTC Includes: 

       Shooting in location

         High-end retouching

        Pack of 4 photos in High resolution. You will have the option to chose these 4 Photos. 

          Pack in black and white version. 

         Cession of patrimonial rights of reproduction

      Each supplementary photo is 10 €

                               For corporate team pictures, I provide a personalized quote. Please, do not forget to specify me the number of members you need to be photographed.
Do not hesitate to get in touch,  will be a pleasure to discuss your project with you!

Any corporation or professional. Internal communication, website, commercial brochures, visit cards, social media, etc



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