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Photography is today an essential medium of communication. A good visual representation defines how your client perceives you. It inspires trust, professionalism and rigor. It constitutes the image of a company, and this, has a really high impact on the decision of your audience.

My expansion into company and event photography was born during my stay in Sweden, while working on other photography areas. This happened as a response to a growing number of inquiries from companies with needs of having high quality professional photography to use at their communication strategies. 

Parallel to my work on corporate photography, I worked extensively as an Editorial and Event Photographer for private companies and also for public entities, such as Uppsala Vimmel, sub-branch of Uppsala Nya Tidning, the principal newspaper of the town of Uppsala, my town, for whom I was in charge
 of documenting the social events of the city, such as award ceremonies, galas, cultural events, etc. I worked as well along with the journalists photographing the visuals for magazine articles 

Being native spanish, billingual in English, and fluent in French and Swedish, I can develop my work comfortably in any international context and I am mobile throughout France.

My mission is to highlight your company and help it stand it out from your competitors, through corporate event photography, corporate report / publireportage, branding, and corporate portraiture. Ultimately, the enhancement and strengthening of your business through the image.  

In this group of galleries you can find the complete catalogue of services for businesses and professionals.

Corporate Photo-Reportage / Publireportage

The corporate photo report is the perfect tool to reflect your professionalism and savoir-faire, the soul of your corporation. I highlight the job of its members, the tools, how it is done, the passion and dynamism implied in it.

Branding / Visual Identity

This type of shooting has the goal of ensuring the most professional look of your company and its products wether it is for your website, an advertising campaign, publireportage, etc.
Giving to the visual identity of your company the importance that deserves with professional photography nowadays turns indispensable.

Corporate Portrait

Corporate Portrait lets you properly present the human resources to promote the values of the company. Through the production of quality and modern portraits, you allow your employees to be highlighted and your company to be better represented.

Institutional Events

Award ceremonies, institutional galas. Events that bring together the economical and cultural actors of the territory. Visual documentation is almost indispensable in events of this calibre where so much time and effort is invested. 

Corporate Events

Documenting a corporate event allows to communicate on its success while feeding the story of the company. It highlights its partners and employees. It strengthens and enhances the corporate culture. It  immortalizes the important events of the company such as its anual reports, its promotional ceremonies, its conventions, its inaugurations, congresses or seminars.

Corporate Celebrations

Wether it is a seminar, an afterwork or celebrating good results, these moments are worth to immortalize and leave to the members of the company a good memory.
No matter which type of event it is, you company is worth a good quality photography from an experienced professional.


Wether you are an agency, or you manage the communication of an artist or a concert, a play or other cultural event.
 I have covered an infinity of concerts and I bring my technical and creative input in each of my photographs to deliver high-end quality photography and rendering.


Organising a festivals takes an enormous amount of time. Having a photographic reportage of your event lets you not only inmortalize the event, but is the material that serves for promotion the next editions of the festivals.  


When having a club, providing photos to your customers is an awesome tool to highlight yourself as a venue. High quality photos that cant be taken in a club with a smartphone is an outstanding value you give to the assistants. It is extraordinarily appreciated by the people and it reflects in visitors.   

Cultural Events & Press Photography

Consisting of photography reports of cultural events happening in the town, is a wonderful tool to highlight the idiosyncrasy of a place and use it for communication purposes to the citizens and tourism advertising.

Tailor-made services

In order to guarantee you a service adapted to your needs, I address the project with you, and together we go through the specifications and details to meet your expectations. This lets me go hand in hand with you as well provide you a personalized service. 


Being graduated at the University Complutense of Madrid in Fine Arts with specialisation in Arts of the Image, and counting with years of work experience, I put all my creative and technical knowledge at the disposal of every photography project I do for every business and professional, taking its visual communication to the next level, from ordinary to extraordinary helping them stand out in the market.  


Although I prioritize the use of natural light at the maximum of its possibilities, I use in occasions my portable studio, installable anywhere. As for gear, I work with two Canon full frame bodies and a wide range of Canon and Sigma lenses of both fixed focal length lenses and variable.  

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20 years ago, photography became an indispensable part of my life as a mean of expression, and from 2010 it became my job. 
I got hooked on photography when I was around 14 in a photography exhibition, and as I started diving deeper and deeper, it turned into my biggest passion.
When i was 18 I moved from Zaragoza to Madrid to study Fine Arts, where I graduated with a specialisation in Arts of the Image at University Complutense of Madrid. Since then I lived and worked as a professional Fine Art, Wedding and Lifestyle photographer in Uk, and Sweden. Was during my 6 years stay in Sweden where I extended my services to corporate photography due to the growing number of inquiries from companies requesting event coverage and corporate photography. I collaborated with multiple private companies and with the public sector documenting the social-cultural events of my town for the main local newspaper. 

In 2019 i moved to Rennes, France, and now, I put my skills at the service of breton companies for their communication purpose, providing high-end visuals for their events, advertising campaigns, reportages and portraits. 

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